Wynwood Induction Ready Brushed Stainless Steel Chafing Dish with Insert & Wood Finished Acces

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  • The WYNWOOD collection is the world’s premier water-proof wood finished buffet collection.
  • This innovative series is built using food-safe grade stainless steel, new-age composite materials and proprietary wood coatings that all work seamlessly together to achieve a beautiful, comprehensive and modular solution to buffet service.
  • It is food safe, easy to clean, does not breed bacteria or warp in extreme temperature conditions.
  • Practically simple and easy to use, the chafing dish is rich with functionality and looks as well.
  • The stainless-steel core conducts heat evenly up to the brim, essential for quick food warming.
  • The lid fits securely on the dish and also gives an ornamental look to the chafer.
  • Available in different capacities, the buffet serving dish is an ideal pick for a grand buffet.
  • Highest quality 304 Food Grade Steel used in the making.
  • Stain Resistant – Maintains its shine for a longer time.
  • Multiheating – Induction & Electric

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Brushed Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel


2500 ml, 5000 ml, 9000 ml


10 Dia x 5.5 L Inches, 12.6 Dia x 3.25 H inches, 15 Dia x 8 H inches